The mission of the Trust Company will be as follows:

Unparalleled Customer Service – The Trust Company will endeavor to provide the highest level of service while serving as a trustee or custodian and to embody privacy, discretion and long term, trusted relationships between staff and clients.

Experienced, Focused Trust Personnel – Trust personnel will be experienced and highly trained.  In addition to handling routine administrative functions, they will work with clients’ advisors in the areas of tax, estate planning, investments and financial planning. Compensation will be based on customer satisfaction and tenure of service – not sales or marketing goals.

Valuable Intermediary – The Trust Company will not provide investment advice, retail banking services or loan origination, but rather will use its collective asset base to negotiate the best rates and service with the highest quality third party institutions for these services.  The Trust Company will serve as the intermediary between its clients and these institutions.

Reasonable Fees — The revenue of the Trust Company will derive from a simple, fixed fee schedule based on assets under management.  The Trust Company will not spend money or resources on marketing. New clients will be accepted through word-of-mouth and our clients’ recommendations.   Growth will come naturally as a result of providing the best service to satisfied clients.

Invested Management and Ownership – It is anticipated that all principal shareholders, officers and directors of the Trust Company will also be clients of our Trust Company.